Flower Jar

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This is a large soda fired earthenware jar. It has a porcelain slip and underglazes used to decorate the exterior.
My 6 year old daughter helped with the drawing/painting of the flowers depicted on the exterior of the jar. 

Approximately 26” tall by 15” diameter 

I have written a book, Low Fire Soda, about the processes involved in creating this piece. Many surface variations exist on this pottery which I find interesting and fun. I often add sand, small pieces of feldspar, or other additives to create textures within the clay. I also dip each piece in a porcelain slip to add contrast between the dark clay, and the light color of slip. These added variations can cause surface cracks, textures, and other unexpected outcomes. This is what I'm seeking.

If, for whatever reason, you're unhappy with the variations on this piece, please inquire about an exchange. I'm aware that these experimentations are not always what everyone is seeking. This research is ever evolving, and I'm pleased you're taking part in this research with my by supporting my work with a purchase.

Thank you.