Check out my book, Low Fire Soda. This book is the most comprehensive written compilation of my work process to date.

This video from NCECA 2021/CerPrint Virtual Booth is a full demonstration of my decal application techniques.

View my YouTube Channel for videos of my making and firing processes.

Podcast episodes, Tales of a Red Clay Rambler with Ben Carter. Episodes #199, #200, #202, and #323. 

NCECA Journal, Published 2015, Social Media with a Studio Potter, Summary article based on Panel Presentation at NCECA Providence. Watch the full panel presentation HERE.

Ceramic Decals: New Ideas and Techniques, DVD by Justin Rothshank and 1 Hour and 22 minutes.

Glaze, By Brian Taylor and Kate Doody, Published 2014 by Barron’s. Pg 98, 132-133.

Digital Decals for the Ceramic Artist, By Michaelann Tostanoski, Published 2014 by Mud Wizard Press.

Ceramics Technical, USA, Published 2014, Issue 39, The Use of Printing Techniques in Ceramics, By Leman Kalay. Pg 32-37. 

Ceramics Monthly, USA, Published June/July/August 2014. How Low Can You Go, By Bryan Hopkins. Pg 58-61. 

Podcast Episode 14 with Paul Blais of Aired on June 10, 2014.

Craft in Sight Episode V. Aired on August 27, 2013.

Ceramics Monthly, USA, Published May 2014. Justin Rothshank Studio Visit. Pg 26-29. 

Ceramics Monthly, USA, Published April 2012. Trading Experiences, By Justin Rothshank. Pg 28-29. 

The Log Book, IRELAND, Published February 2012, An Evolution of Studio Interests, By Justin Rothshank. An article about low temperature wood/soda firing and decals in atmosphere.

Studio Potter, USA, Published January 2012, A World’s Worth of Experience, By Zach Tate. A very nice article about the arts community in Goshen, Indiana.

Ceramics Monthly, USA, Published February 2012. Justin Rothshank: Fatherhood, By Liz Howe. Pg 60-61. 

I included this piece in the Handmade for Japan fundraiser in March 2011. This auction raised more than $100,000 for disaster relief in Japan following the earthquake/tsunami. A considerable amount of press happened surrounding the event, including articles in the New York Times and Hand/Eye Magazine featuring my work.

Studio Potter, USA, Published January 2011. Our Most Valuable Tools. 

New Ceramics, Germany, Published July/August 2010. Artist Profile.

Pottery Making Illustrated, USA. Published March/April 2008, “Breaking the Rules: Pushing the Limits with Ceramic Decals

View the video of my decal application that was featured on

Co-op Research

This research done for Union Project in 2005 was initiated to investigate cooperative studio models around the country in order to identify best practices for opening a clay studio at Union Project.

  • Here is an article that was written for Ceramics Monthly that summarizes the research.
  • In 2008 I presented a summary and update of this research at the NCECA conference. This summary was published in the NCECA journal.