Dr. Nirav Shah mug

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Dr. Nirav Shah is an American epidemiologist, economist and attorney. Shah is currently the director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention and is the public face of Maine's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From Wikipedia: Dr. Shah has embraced three principles for his regular briefings: Be truthful, answer questions directly, and "acknowledge the statistics and numbers without overlooking the human element." Public health experts praised his enduring compassion as he consistently reminded viewers that each case number and death represented a family member, friend and neighbor. Shah also frequently included song lyrics and Dad jokes in an attempt to bring appropriate levity to his pandemic reports.

This wheel thrown mug is made of earthenware clay and glazed with a glossy white glaze. The Director is featured as a decal and fired on, permanently affixed in the glaze. He is surrounded by floral decals.

This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. It is approximately 4" tall. You will receive a mug similar, but perhaps not identical, to the one pictured.